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Ocean's Eleven Fun Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" Ocean's Eleven information - please enjoy!

The Rat Pack
The Ocean's Eleven Team
Cameos, cameos and more cameos

Did You Know?

... that Brad Pitt's disguise was actually a wig that Mike Myers uses for his Austin Powers get-up.

... The code Matt Damon enters to start the elevator is 1 - 3 - 7, the actor's personal homage to the George Lucas cult-classic THX-137.

... that the producer of the movie, Jerry Weintraub had a cameo in the movie.

... It's time for the science guys to come in and tell us whether there really is something called "the pinch" and whether it could turn off all the light in Las Vegas. We turn to the American Physical Society: Physics site.

... We showed you the initial Eleven members of the gang. Who is Twelve? Who is Thirteen? In Ocean's Twelve Julia Roberts has to take an active part in the con so she becomes Ocean's Twelve. In Ocean's Thirteen Julia is out and Eddie Izzard is in as a tech guy and Danny Ocean's former nemesis Andy Garcia has to be added to the gang. That makes thirteen

... The great con movie The Sting taught us about a real life con called The Wire. In Ocean's Eleven Matt Damon's character rattles off a list of cons that they will need to pull this off "I'd say of the top of my head you're gonna need a Boesky, a Jim Brown, Two Jethros, a Leon Spinks, a Miss Daisy and the biggest Ella Fitzgerald ever." Are these real cons? No they are not. Wikipedia can describes them for you.

... Did you know that there was a website called moviesmackdown.com which pits two movies against each other and tells you which one you should see. Here they put Ocean's Thirteen up against the original Ocean's 11. Good call.

... The star studded cast of Ocean's Eleven seemed to be having so much fun making these movies. All the camaraderie and good times made for lots of entertaining interviews with the cast. Here's one of them:

... All the movies have great soundtracks - Ocean's Eleven has something for all musical tastes. From Elvis Presley ( A Little Less Conversation) to Perry Como ( Papa Loves Mombo) to Claude Debussy. Here's Clair de Lune.

... Just for Fun:

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Ocean's Eleven

Rusty Ryan ( Brad Pitt ):

"In this town, you're luck can change just that quickly."

Who are the two fighters having their big fight on the night of the heist?