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Ocean's Eleven Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Ocean's Eleven? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Where is Danny Ocean serving time for his last caper?

a) Las Vegas
b) Chicago
c) New Jersey

2) Which of these hotels was not one of the ones that the Ocean's Eleven gang robbed?

a) Bellagio
b) MGM Grand
c) New York, New York

3) Which two fighters were having their big match on the night of the heist?

a) Lewis and Liston
b) Lewis and Klitschko
c) Lewis and Twson

4) What was the name of the nightclub where Rusty Ryan taught poker to the Hollywood stars?

a) The Highlands
b) The Roxie
c) The Deep

5) The name of which Las Vegas hotel casino was on the floor of the vault room?

a) MGM Grand
b) Bellagio
c) Caesars Palace

6) What is the name of the device the team uses to turn off the power in Las Vegas?

a) The Bomb
b) The Pinch
c) The Nuke

7) What was Tess Ocean's job at the Bellagio?

a) Blackjack dealer
b) Concierge
c) Museum Curator

8) Which of these television stars did not make a cameo appearance?

a) James Van Der Beek
b) Shane West
c) Holly Marie Combs

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Ocean's Eleven

Linus Caldwell ( Matt Damon ):

"A smash and grab job, huh?"