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The Ocean's Eleven Team

They are some of the most recognizable faces on the big screen - all captured in one breezy Hollywood ride. Here they are ... Ocean's Eleven:

George Clooney
as Danny Ocean

Brad Pitt
as Rusty Ryan

Matt Damon
as Linus Caldwell

Don Cheadle
as Basher Tarr

Eddie Jemison
as Livingston Dell

Bernie Mac
as Frank Catton

Elliott Gould
as Reuben Tishkoff

Carl Reiner
as Saul Bloom

Scott Caan
as Turk Malloy

Casey Affleck
as Virgil Malloy

Shaobo Qin
as Yen

And let's not forget ...

Julia Roberts
as Tess Ocean who stepped in as the 12th team member in Ocean's Twelve

Andy Garcia
as Terry Benedict who switched from nemesis to team member in Ocean's Thirteen

Eddie Izzard
as Roman Nagel who also joined the team member in Ocean's Thirteen

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Ocean's Eleven

Danny Ocean ( George Clooney ):

"You've got to walk before you can crawl."