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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to George Clooney

The newest member of an exclusive acting club called "TV Stars Who Parlayed Their Fame Into a Lasting Motion Picture Career" is highlighted in our Tribute to George Clooney.

A Tribute to Brad Pitt

We really hope Death turns out to look like him. Always seeking challenging roles this heartthrob has our attention in our Tribute to Brad Pitt.

A Tribute to Matt Damon

He's good as Will Hunting. He's good as Tom Ripley. He's good as Private Ryan. We have a feeling it's good to be Matt Damon. Find out why in our Tribute to this hot, young and powerful new star.

A Tribute to Julia Roberts

From Shelby to Erin how can we resist that laugh, that smile? She already has an impressive list of movies to her credit and yet we believe that she has only just begun to hit her stride as an actress. Join us in following her career in our Tribute to Hollywood's quintessential Pretty Woman ... Julia Roberts.

A Tribute to Al Pacino

His intense performance as Godfather Michael Corleone in his very first movie is the standard for every performance that came later. And he hasn't failed us yet. We've cataloged all his memorable roles in our Tribute to Al Pacino.

A Tribute to Casino

Love is a losing gamble for Ace in this Scorsese mob story movies. But we're betting you'll enjoy our Tribute to Casino.

A Tribute to Austin Powers

This Bond spy spoof featuring Mike Myers as the International Man of Mystery is most definitely "Groovy, baby!" Also appearing as nemesis Dr. Evil (complete with cat), Myers never ceases to entertain, thus our Tribute to Austin Powers.

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Ocean's Eleven

Tess Ocean ( Julia Roberts ):

"You're a thief and a liar."

Basher Tarr was an expert in which field?