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A Tribute to Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt knows that good looks can get you far in Hollywood. Good looks plus serious acting skills can get you to the very top and that's where we find Brad Pitt. Somehow he doesn't let all the attention on his personal life keep him from making interesting career choices. He uses his celebrity to bring awareness to the causes he believes in. For these reasons and let's be honest because he is so good looking we invite you to enjoy Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Brad Pitt.

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The newest Brad Pitt movies available on DVD.

Coming Soon

Brad Pitt has two new movies scheduled for 2012 releases. First up, Killing Them Softly a crime thriller set in the world of underground poker. And later in the year, World War Z a sci-fi movie based on the novel World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

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