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A Tribute to George Clooney

If Hollywood is High School we'd like to nominate George Clooney for class President. He's very popular, you know. He's also an A-list actor, director and producer and, wait, he also writes, and has an Academy Award nomination for that too. And he has done all this the very very hard way. There is an unbelievable 16 year gap between his first on screen credit and his breakout role as a television heartthrob. 16 years of auditions, episodic TV and parts in movies like Return of the Killer Tomatoes. Mr. George Clooney we salute you and we dedicate this Destination Hollywood tribute to your awesome career.

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The latest George Clooney movies now available on DVD.

Coming Soon

In Fall 2011 we will see George Clooney in the Dramedy The Descendants, set in Hawaii and featuring George Clooney as the father of two teenage daughters.

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Batman ( Batman & Robin ):

"This is why Superman works alone."

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