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Giant Movie Basics

Year of Release: 1956
Running Time: 3 hrs. 30 min.
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Director: George Stevens
Screenwriter: Fred Guiol and Ivan Moffat
Producers: George Stevens and Henry Ginsberg
Studio: Warner Bros

Giant Synopsis

Star James Dean died before filming ended on this epic tale of a multi-generational Texas cattle baron family led by Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. Based on a popular novel by Edna Ferber.

Giant Cast

Elizabeth Taylor - Leslie Benedict
James Dean - Jett Rink
Rock Hudson - Jordan Bick Benedict
Mercedes McCambridge - Luz Benedict
Dennis Hopper - Jordan Benedict III
Carroll Baker - Luz Benedict II

Giant Awards and Nominations

1956 Academy Awards® Best Director (Win)

Best Picture (Nom)

Best Actor - Rock Hudson (Nom)

Best Actor - James Dean (Nom)

Best Supporting Actress - Mercedes McCambridge (Nom)

Best Adapted Screenplay (Nom)

Best Editing (Nom)

Best Score (Nom)

Best Costume Design (Nom)

Best Art Direction (Nom)

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Leslie Benedict ( Elizabeth Taylor ):

"Is that Texas?"

Who wrote the novel from which the movie was based?