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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to James Dean

He died tragically young, leaving behind a body of work that included only three films but a legacy that rivals that of any of Hollywood's greatest stars …see why in our Tribute to James Dean.

A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

With all the focus on her personal life what gets lost is the fact that she has a superb acting talent that never fails to entertain. Take another look at the work in our Tribute to exquisite silver screen beauty … Elizabeth Taylor.

A Tribute to Gone With the Wind

"Land, Katie Scarlett, is the only thing that matters," lectured plantation owner Mr. Gerald O'Hara. Well, okay, but we'd like to suggest that a Tribute to one of the most watched movies of all time is important too.

A Tribute to Out of Africa

She had a farm in Africa and we are so glad. We think you'll be glad too after you visit our Tribute to epic love story Out of Africa.

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Leslie Benedict ( Elizabeth Taylor ):

"He said 595,000 acres, mama. And you should see the greedy look on your face."

What is the name of Jett Rink's ranch?