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A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor was an exquisite beauty who has had enough drama in her personal life to fill multiple movies. But we'd like to focus on Elizabeth the actress not Elizabeth the celebrity. See her as a lovely child in Lassie Come Home. Watch her strut her stuff as Cleopatra. Be mesmerized by Maggie in Cat on A Hot Tin Roof. Appreciate the intensity of her performance in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf. Yes, she was a glamorous woman whose life filled the tabloid pages but she was also an actress whose beauty, magnetism and talent filled the screen. Celebrate each and every performance in Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor.

In Memoriam

With great sadness we mark the passing of one of the last Silver Screen Legends, Elizabeth Taylor, who died on March 23, 2011. We think her Cat on a Hot Tin Roof co-star, Paul Newman says it best in this Tribute video, "What can you say about a Legend?"

DVD Spotlight

We spotlight the movies Elizabeth Taylor made with husband Richard Burton.

DH Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests this Tribute dedicated to a Elizabeth Taylor movie ...

Tribute to Giant

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The Flinstones

Maggie ( Cat on a Hot Tin Roof ):

"I'm not living with you. We occupy the same cage, that's all."

Elizabeth Taylor has been nominated for five Academy Awards. How many has she won?