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A Tribute to Giant

When they made this movie in 1956 Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson and James Dean were each at the height of their careers. They could have made any movie they wanted. They chose to work together in this epic story of a Texas cattle baron, his east coast wife and the outcast ranch hand who disrupts their lives when he becomes part of the new oil-rich elite. It's a good movie, well acted and beautifully shot. It also carries the distinction of being the last movie that James Dean would ever make. Please enjoy our Tribute to Giant.

Giant DVD Spotlight

Giant (Two-Disc Special Edition)

Based on the Book

Giant by Edna Ferber

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A Tribute to James Dean

He died tragically young, leaving behind a body of work that included only three films but a legacy that rivals that of any of Hollywood's greatest stars …see why in our Tribute to James Dean.

A Tribute to Elizabeth Taylor

With all the focus on her personal life what gets lost is the fact that she has a superb acting talent that never fails to entertain. Take another look at the work in our Tribute to exquisite silver screen beauty … Elizabeth Taylor.

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Leslie Benedict ( Elizabeth Taylor ):

"Come on partner. Why don't you kick off your spurs."

What is the name of Jett Rink's ranch?