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The Rock Fun Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" The Rock information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

... that they filmed a lot of the scenes from The Rock inside the old Alcatraz prison. Because of the age of the building, this feat required a lot of planning and 26,000 feet of electric cabling.

... that Ed Harris and Michael Biehn appeared together in another blockbuster action movie called The Abyss.

... director Michael Bay really sent a fire bomb over Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage's heads in the underground caverns of Alcatraz island. As part of the stunt, Connery and Cage had to hold their breath for a full 45 second's or risk having their head's set on fire.

... that the underground tunnel and boiler room set cost $1 million to build and occupied most of Stage 30 at Sony Studios. Stage 30 is this biggest sound stage in Hollywood and was where, among other movies, Armageddon and The Wizard of Oz were also filmed. Visit our Tribute to Armageddon and our Tribute to The Wizard of Oz

... Sean Connery talks about the filming of The Rock on Alcatraz.

... And our beloved Siskel and Ebert disagree on The Rock.

The Rock On Location

Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theater Footprints
Sean Connery is just one of the many legendary celebrities to leave hand and footprints outside the famous Grauman's (now Mann's) Chinese Theater.

Sean Connery Prints
Mann's Chinese Theater

6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
In the early 1960's, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce developed the idea of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." The sidewalks of the most famous streets in the heart of Hollywood were lined with "stars" recognizing celebrities' life-long contributions to the entertainment industry. Receiving a star is still to this day considered a huge honor. Here's where you can find Nicolas Cage's star:

Nicolas Cage
Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

7021 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

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The Rock

Stanley Goodspeed ( Nicolas Cage ):

"I'm Stanley Goodspeed"

Where did Mason meet his daughter's mother?