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A Tribute to Nicolas Cage

Versatile and unconventional, Nicolas Cage has played as many romantic leads as action hero roles and received critical acclaim and commercial success doing both. Since he can be as charming as he can be intense and intimidating, we understand why he's drawn to both types of roles. We offer each and every facet of this talented actor's repertoire in Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Nicolas Cage.

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It's called Drive Angry time and it's a 3-D action movie that looks like fun.

Coming Soon

And Nicolas Cage has two other movies wrapped that we might see in 2011: a thriller called The Hungry Rabbit Jumps and Trespass a thriller co-starring Nicole Kidman.

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Bangkok Dangerous

Ronny Cammareri ( Moonstruck ):

"What's wrong can never be make right."

How many Academy Awards has Nicolas Cage won?