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A Tribute to Armageddon

We're not sure what is more difficult - saving the world from cataclysmic disaster or making a top-notch action movie. But we have noticed that the required ingredients for both tasks are strangely similar. If you're planning on doing either - here's what you'll need: A ragtag but heroic band of misfits. Explosives. A dimwitted bureaucracy-loving government employee. More explosives. An older, world-weary (and probably retired) mentor. A speed-enhanced mode of transportation. And finally more explosives. And before you start you should watch Armageddon - it is a good blueprint for both. Enjoy our Tribute!

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DH Suggests

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Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ):

"The United States government just asked us to save the world. Anybody want to say no?"

The asteroid hurtling towards Earth is the size of which state?