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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Sean Connery

If after making 55 movies over the course of four decades you still get to play the leading man opposite beautiful twenty-something's, we'll give you a Tribute too! For now, Sean Connery is the only one who qualifies under this particular DH Tribute criteria.

A Tribute to Nicolas Cage

Dangerous yet charming. Brooding yet romantic. Quirky yet appealing. The one constant trait … amazing acting prowess. Enjoy our Tribute to a true man of contradictions … Nicolas Cage.

A Tribute to Armageddon

A meteor is hurtling towards Earth and Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are going to save the world. If that's not worth a Tribute then what is? Find out how it all turns out in our Tribute to Armageddon.

A Tribute to Die Hard

The father of all modern action movies. Die Hard is the one that defined the genre and all that goes with it. It's also the one that made Bruce Willis a movie star. Enjoy!

A Tribute to James Bond

James Bond + Beautiful Girls + Bad Guys + Gadgets + Explosions = Action Packed Destination Hollywood Tribute.

A Tribute to Lethal Weapon

Quintessential buddy movie. Quintessential Mel Gibson. Quintessential cop story. Quintessential action flick. Well, you get the idea.

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The Rock

Stanley Goodspeed ( Nicolas Cage ):

"Yeah. Okay. That's just about the most awful thing I've ever seen."

Where did Mason hide the microfilm?