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A Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey

We've studied both the original and the sequel and we still don't understand what the black monolith does (or is it what it is?) But that's the way director Stanley Kubrick wanted it. This is a story that is supposed to provoke thought not provide answers. It does that and them some. Advertised in 1968 as "the ultimate trip" we are glad to go along for the ride. Enjoy our Tribute to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

2001: A Space Odyssey Features

2010: The Year We Made Contact - (Movie Sequel)
The Zero Gravity Toilet

2001: A Space Odyssey DVD Spotlight

2001 - A Space Odyssey Two-Disc Special Edition

Based on the Book

2001: A Space Odyssey
by Arthur C. Clarke

2001: A Space Odyssey MP3's

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Tribute to Stanley Kubrick

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2001: A Space Odyssey

HAL ( Douglas Rain ):

"I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly. Take a stress pill and think things over."

What is HAL's birthday?