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A Tribute to Richard Dreyfuss

Sometimes, if he's lucky, an actor like Richard Dreyfuss finds a role that he can really make his own a part that you can't imagine anyone else doing and Richard Dreyfuss was Mr. Holland (as the expression goes). But we've been enjoying his energetic and intelligent acting style since he cruised down the boulevard in American Graffiti. And when we heard him say "This was no boat accident" we all became very very afraid. So for giving us so many years of entertaining movie moments, Destination Hollywood dedicates this Tribute to Richard Dreyfuss.

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In 2011 we'll see Richard Dreyfuss in an Indie drama called Lone Star Trixie and the re-make of the TV Western The Big Valley.

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Once Around

The Player ( Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead ):

"We're actors! We're the opposite of people!"

Richard Dreyfuss has won only one Academy Award. How many times has be been nominated?