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Brad Pitt Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Brad Pitt? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Brad Pitt went to high school in Missouri. What was the name of his school?

a) Rydell High
b) Kickapoo High School
c) Ridgemont High

2) Although it wasn't his first, what movie proved to be Brad Pitt's breakthrough role?

a) True Romance
b) Kalifornia
c) Thelma & Louise

3) In which television drama did Brad Pitt have a small recurring role?

a) Falcon Crest
b) Dallas
c) Dynasty

4) In which daytime soap opera did Brad Pitt appear in for a short while during the 1980's?

a) Santa Barbara
b) Days of Our Lives
c) Another World

5) Brad Pitt has had many high profile girlfriends. Which actress DIDN'T he date?

a) Gwyneth Paltrow
b) Julia Roberts
c) Juliette Lewis

6) Which of the following movies that Brad Pitt starred in did not have sibling rivalry as a theme?

a) A River Runs Through It
b) Kalifornia
c) Legends of the Fall

7) Brad Pitt has a passion for ...?

a) Architecture
b) Rare books
c) Cookie Jars

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