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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Tom Cruise

No mission is impossible for this super-star. Whether he's piloting an F-14 or lip-synching in his BVD's, he's won our hearts in our Tribute to Tom Cruise.

A Tribute to Meg Ryan

She leapt into Anthony Edwards arms and our hearts in Top Gun and she hasn't left yet. We're celebrating each and every charm-filled role in our Tribute to Meg Ryan.

A Tribute to Apollo 13

Director Ron Howard accomplishes a very impressive moviemaking feat … making a story we all know the ending to so suspenseful … as they say in the movie "Failure is not an option!"

A Tribute to Armageddon

A meteor is hurtling towards Earth and Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are going to save the world. If that's not worth a Tribute then what is? Find out how it all turns out in our Tribute to Armageddon.

A Tribute to A Few Good Men

Tom Cruise has portrayed many winning and memorable screen characters, so many in fact that one more and he wins a set a steak knives. If you can stand the truth, visit our Tribute to A Few Good Men.

A Tribute to The Rock

Nicolas Cage. Sean Connery. Ed Harris. Jerry Bruckheimer. Bomb squads. Death-defying stunts. Alcatraz. Need we say more?

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Top Gun

Maverick ( Tom Cruise ):

"This is what I call a target-rich environment."

Who flies with Maverick in the final fight sequence?