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A Tribute to A Few Good Men

Unit, Corp, God, Country – that is what the US Marines in this movie believe in, defend and are willing to die for. Here at Destination Hollywood we have a code too – Story, Dialog, Intelligence, Rob Reiner. Well, maybe we're not willing to die … but we certainly believe that that combination of those four elements make for two hours of excellent movie watching. This movie is no exception to the rule. Director Rob Reiner along with an all-star cast (headed by Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson) and award winning writer Aaron Sorkin have created an entertaining and thought provoking courtroom drama. Please enjoy our Tribute to A Few Good Men.

A Few Good Men DVD Spotlight

A Few Good Men Special Edition DVD , - includes audio commentary by Rob Reiner and an excellent behind-the-scene documentary on the making of the movie that includes interviews with Aaron Sorkin and Rob Reiner.

A Few Good Men Features

A World With Walls Speech

DH Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes dedicated to these A Few Good Men stars ...

A Tribute to Tom Cruise

No mission is impossible for this super-star. Whether he's piloting an F-14 or lip-synching in his BVD's, he's won our hearts in our Tribute to Tom Cruise.

A Tribute to Jack Nicholson

Expect the unexpected with this crowd pleasing actor. Here's Jack! (Well at least our Tribute to him.)

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A Few Good Men

Lance Corporal Harold W. Dawson ( Wolfgang Bodison ):

"Unit. Corp. God. Country. Sir."

What is the nickname for the Cuban base Guantanamo Bay?