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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Richard Dreyfuss

Steven Spielberg calls him his alter-ego. We call him one of the most interesting actors of his generation. Enjoy our Tribute to Richard Dreyfuss.

A Tribute to Steven Spielberg

He makes movies that we all want to see and you can see them all in our Tribute to moviemaker extraordinaire Steve Spielberg.

A Tribute to Jurrasic Park

We question the need for an amusement park filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs. But we have no doubt about the necessity for a Tribute to Michael Crichton/Steven Spielberg's classic Jurassic Park movies.

A Tribute to Indiana Jones

We're glad to hear that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford are planning a fourth installment of this action-packed adventure series - we think Indy rocks! But until the next one's released you can ease your anticipation by celebrating the first three in our Tribute to Indiana Jones.

A Tribute to The Matrix

In a time when artificial intelligence manipulates humanity, the matrix is a trap for our feeble minds. But not for long as Keanu takes the red pill and we learn the horrific truth in our Tribute to The Matrix.

A Tribute to James Bond

James Bond + Beautiful Girls + Bad Guys + Gadgets + Explosions = Action Packed Destination Hollywood Tribute.

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Quint ( Robert Shaw ):

"I'm not talking about treasure boating or game sailing. I'm talking about sharking."

Who wrote the novel that the first Jaws movie was based on?