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High Noon Movie Basics

Year of Release: 1952
Running Time: 1 hrs. 25 min.
MPAA Rating: Not rated
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Screenwriter: Carl Foreman
Producers: Carl Foreman and Stanley Kramer
Studio: Republic Pictures

High Noon Synopsis

A killer that Sheriff Will Kane (Gary Cooper) put away has been let out of the prison and now he and his gang of bad guys are coming to the town of Hadleyville to exact their revenge. While Kane is willing to face his enemy, the town's people who he has protected for many years abandon him. Told in real-time, this classic Western follows the 85 minutes before the big showdown at High Noon.

High Noon Cast

Gary Cooper - Will Kane
Grace Kelly - Amy Kane
Thomas Mitchell - Jonas Henderson
Lloyd Bridges - Harvey Pell
Katy Jurado - Helen Ramirez

High Noon Awards and Nominations

1952 Academy Awards® Best Actor - Gary Cooper (Win)
Best Editing (Win)
Best Score (Win)
Best Song (Win)

Best Picture (Nom)

Best Screenplay (Nom)

Best Director (Nom)

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High Noon

Will Kane ( Gary Cooper ):

"The judge has left town. Harvey's quit. And I'm having trouble getting deputies."

How many Academy Awards did High Noon win?