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A Tribute to Gary Cooper

It's easy for comedians to do an impression of Gary Cooper, "Nope . . . Yup." Forever portrayed as a man of few words his film biography speaks volumes about his undeniable status as one of Old Hollywood's truly legendary stars. Tall, handsome and possessing a quiet strength that was uniquely his own, Gary Cooper was the perfect go to casting choice when any moviemaker needed to fill the role of All American Hero. Destination Hollywood brings you a Tribute to the memorable career of one of our silver screen's favorites, Gary Cooper.

New on DVD

The Gary Cooper Collection , this Special Edition DVD set includes Design for Living, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer, Peter Ibbetson, The General Died at Dawn and Beau Geste.

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Tribute to highnoon

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High Noon

Wild Bill Hickok ( The Plainsman ):

"Well, there's no Sunday west of Junction City, no law west of Hayes City and no God west of Carson City."

In High Noon, Gary Cooper was married to a Quaker. In what other movie was that also the case?