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High Noon Fun Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" High Noon information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

John Wayne was appalled by High Noon. He objected to the fact that the hero went around town begging people to help him instead of handling the situation himself - like a "man." In response, he and director Howard Hawks (who felt the same way) made Rio Bravo - a movie in which faced with a similar situation the hero faces down the bad guys without fear and along side his fellow townspeople. And learn more about a man who would take this kind of moralistic stance in our Tribute to John Wayne.

… that this was Grace Kelly's first major screen role and that when Gary Cooper received his Best Actor Academy Award for this role it was the first time in over twenty years that it had been given to an actor for a performance in a Western.

… The leader of the Miller Gang, actor Lee van Cleef does not have a single line of dialog in the film.

... It has been reported that Carl Foreman, the screenwriter of High Noon, was told that his script had similarities to a short story called A Tin Star which had been published in 1947 in Colliers magazine. Afraid that he might have read the story at some time and been influenced by it he purchased the rights from the author John W. Cunningham. Knowing that many fans of the movie would love to read the original story we diligently searched to find it for you. And we did! It had been included in an anthology written by Bill Pronzini and Martin Greenberg called Best of the West: Stories That Inspired Classic Western Films. The book is out of print but you can by it from booksellers on Amazon.

... Another service we love to perform for fans is sending in our crack translating team to interpret those moments in movies where they speak a language you don't understand which leaves you wondering- what did they say? In High Noon Gary Cooper (Will Kane) goes to visit his old girlfriend Helen (Katy Jurado) and she says "Un año sin verte" to which he replies "Si, lo se" Translation: " A year without seeing you" "Yes, I know".

... While you were watching the credits roll by for High Noon you might have seen the name Sheb Wooley and said to yourself, that sounds familiar. Sheb Wooley played one of the members of the Miller gang. But if you are a good trivia player you might also know him as the singer songwriter of that classic hit Purple People Eater

... We know that Will Kane is the sheriff of Hadleyville in New Mexico Territory but we only know that from the sign at the train station. The name of the town is never mentioned in the movie.

... The theme song from High Noon became a huge hit and changed the way the movie studios looked at movie music. Once they realized this could be a new income source movie theme songs were added to many films. The song was sung in the movie by Tex Ritter. Here you can see something some of you may have never seen before a 78RPM record being played on a record player.

Do Not Forsake Me My Darling
Do not forsake me O my darling
On this our wedding day.
Do not forsake me O my darlin'
Wait, wait along.
The noonday train will bring Frank Miller.
If I'm a man I must be brave
And I must face that deadly killer

Or lie a coward, a craven coward,
Or lie a coward in my grave.
O to be torn 'twixt love and duty!
S'posin' I lose my fair-haired beauty!
Look at that big hand move along
Nearin' high noon.
He made a vow while in State's Prison,
Vow'd it would be my life or his and
I'm not afraid of death, but O,
What will I do if you leave me?

Do not forsake me O my darlin'
You made that promise when we wed.
Do not forsake me O my darlin'
Although you're grievin', I can't be leavin'
Until I shoot Frank Miller dead.
Wait along, wait along
Wait along
Wait along

... It seems to have been erased from our collective memory banks but a sequel to High Noon was made. It was a TV movie called High Noon. Part II: The Return of Will Kane with Lee Majors in the role of Will Kane. Here is the plot summary:Will Kane returns to his hometown of Hadleyville with his wife Amy for the first time in years since his famous gunfight with Frank Miller and his gang to face a new menace of his town in the grip of a bounty-hunting marshal named J.D. Ward and his two gun-happy deputies pursuing Ben Irons, a drifter wanted dead or alive for a crime he didn't commit whom he asks Kane to help him which sets the stage for a second major gunfight within the town. It is available on VHS.

... And then in 2000 for unknown reasons HIgh Noon was remade as a cable TV movie with Tom Skerritt in the Will Kane role.

... There is a documentary called Inside High Noon which is included in the two disc Ultimate Collector's Edition. It is narrated by Frank Langella and includes an interview with Bill Clinton who declares"It's no accident that politicians see themselves as Gary Cooper in High Noon. Not just politicians, but anyone who's forced to go against the popular will. Any time you're alone and you feel you're not getting the support you need, Cooper's Will Kane becomes the perfect metaphor. Here's a sneak peak:

... Just for fun. We personally don't see the need to mess with a classic western but if you've ever wanted to see High Noon gone High Tech here you go:

High Noon On Location

Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theater Footprints
Gary Cooper is just one of the many legendary celebrities to leave hand and footprints outside the famous Grauman's (now Mann's) Chinese Theater.

Gary Cooper Prints
Mann's Chinese Theater

6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

Hollywood Walk of Fame Star
In the early 1960's, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce developed the idea of the "Hollywood Walk of Fame." The sidewalks of the most famous streets in the heart of Hollywood were lined with "stars" recognizing celebrities' life-long contributions to the entertainment industry. Receiving a star is still to this day considered a huge honor. Here's where you can find Gary Cooper's star:

Gary Cooper
Walk of Fame Star
(Motion Pictures)

6243 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

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High Noon

Will Kane ( Gary Cooper ):

"They're making me run. I've never run from anybody before."

What is the name of the gang that Will Kane is going to have to go up against?