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The Graduate Fun Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" The Graduate information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

… Buck Henry, the man who wrote the screenplay for The Graduate, played the Hotel Clerk.

… that contrary to the roles they played in this movie, Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft were practically the same age. He was born in 1937 and she in 1931.

... Keep a sharp eye out while you watch the Graduate and you will see very brief glimpses of future stars. Richard Dreyfuss has his first film role as a Boarding House Resident who says Shall I get the Cops?, Norman Fell gets experience playing a landlord (he went on to be Mr Roper the landlord in television hit Three's Company), Mike Farrell is a Bellhop at the hotel and handsome Ben Murphy has one line as a fraternity brother.

.... Like all movies there are many stories and rumors about what really went on in the film's casting and behind the scenes. (Could it really have been an all blonde version with Doris Day as Mrs Robinson and Robert Reford as Benjamin?) Vanity Fair sets the record straight.

... The Graduate is based on a book written by Charles Webb. With a wife named Fred, a penchant for giving things away and a distain for material success, Mr. Webb did not reap the same success as most people associated with The Graduate. After this article was written he and his wife moved lived nomadically working as dishwashers, housecleaners and clerks at Kmart and finally moved to England. And then . . . he published the sequel to The Graduate. The book is called Home Schooling and takes off eleven years after Benjamin and Elaine rode away on the bus. Didn't you always want to know what happened to them?

... The Graduate was made into a Broadway play. On stage Mrs. Robinson disrobes and many stellar actresses have answered the call to play this role. The list includes: Kathleen Turner, Lorraine Bracco, Jerry Hall, Amanda Donohoe, Morgan Fairchild, Anne Archer, Vera Fischer and Linda Gray. There is a special twist to Linda Gray apearing on stage as Mrs. Robinson because as a young model she posed for the iconic shot of the stocking clad leg that was used for movie posters.

... The car Benjamin drives was a 1966 Alfa Romeo Spider 1600 called The Duetto. You can pick one up if you'd like on ebay

... You can read The Graduate screenplay online.

... Here's a movie pitch. There's a family in Pasadena and the beautiful daughter (played by Jennifer Aniston) thinks her mother and grandmother may have been the real life inspiration for The Graduate and then she meets the man they had affairs with (Kevin Costner) and she has an affair with him too!! Surprisingly this idea actaully became a movie called Rumor Has It. It's a tricky business making a movie based on another movie and a 20% Rotten Tomatoes score was the result.

... As much as we love The Graduate this did give us pause. Gavin de Becker a security expert to the rich and famous has written a very well received book called The Gift of Fear. In the book he comes down hard on the stalking aspects of Benjamin's behavior toward Elaine and goes so far to say that this movie teaches men that stalking pays off.

    To the author, when a girl says "no" it is not proper for a man to persist. This leads to stalking and a whole host of vices. Furthermore, he says, persistence rarely, if ever, leads to both the man and women coming together happily. Becker criticizes those parts of The Graduate where Benjamin Braddock peruses his love interest, despite repeated and clear signals that she is not interested. This pursuit leads to his eventual crashing of her wedding where he famously screams for her and fends off her father with a large cross. Becker mostly objects to The Graduate because the film strongly implies that persistence is indicative of love, whereas in reality, persistence is indicative only of persistence. The film misrepresents reality as well as condoning a certain power-play of aggressive males and coy (read: unresponsive) females."

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The Graduate

Benjamin Braddock ( Dustin Hoffman ):

"Well, I would say I was just drifting here in the pool."

Where was Elaine conceived?