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The Graduate Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about The Graduate? Well, let's see if you do.

1) What does Mrs. Robinson do with Benjamin's car keys?

a) Steals them
b) Throws them in the fish tank
c) Throws them out the window

2) What sport did Benjamin play in college?

a) Baseball
b) Track and Field
c) Soccer

3) What kind of car does Benjamin have?

a) Corvette
b) Porsche
c) Alfa Romero

4) Where is Elaine getting married?

a) Santa Barbara
b) Santa Ana
c) San Mateo

5) Where does Elaine go to school?

a) USC
c) Berkely

6) Where was Elaine conceived?

a) The Taft Hotel
b) Backseat of a Ford
c) Niagra Falls

7) What was the name of the hotel where Benjamin and Mrs. Robinson had their affair?

a) The Regency Hotel
b) Motel 6
c) The Taft Hotel

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The Graduate

Mr. Braddock ( William Daniels ):

"Ben, this whole idea sounds a little half-baked."

Benjamin Braddock ( Dustin Hoffman ):

"No it's not. It's completely baked."