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A Tribute to Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman definitely has that certain something ... that perfect blend of talent, charisma and craft that allows an actor to transform himself into character after memorable character. He got his start in the sixties as everyone's favorite alienated college graduate but his star shined the brightest in the decade of the seventies when he wowed audiences with his quirky but touching performances as a desperate bank robber, an angry comic and an earnest single father to name just a few. It's hard to believe but Dustin Hoffman only made four movies in the eighties. It's especially surprising since two of those performances (Tootsie and Rain Man) rank right up at the top are our all-time favorite Dustin movies. He came back strong in the nineties and he's still at it in the 2000's. We look forward to what comes next. Please enjoy our Tribute to Dustin Hoffman.

New on DVD

The latest Dustin Hoffman movies now available on DVD.

Now in Theaters

Dustin Hoffman plays Paul Giamatii's father in the Indie drama Barney's Version now in limited release.

And he can be seen in the third Focker movie, Little Fockers.

Coming Soon

Dustin Hoffman will co-star with Nick Nolte in HBO's new TV series Luck. Created by David Milch and produced by Michael Mann, it will be a behind-the-scenes look at the world of horse racing. Expect this one sometime in 2011.

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Finding Neverland

Ray Babbit ( Rain Man ):

"I'm an excellent driver."

Dustin Hoffman received an Academy Award nomination for his second screen role. What was the movie?