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Destination Hollywood Suggests

Destination Hollywood Suggests these Tributes ...

A Tribute to Denzel Washington

His acting reaches out from the screen and touches your heart. We don't know how he does it – only that we're glad he does. We present our Tribute to Denzel Washington.

A Tribute to Morgan Freeman

We don't want to give away our age, but we learned the alphabet from him on The Electric Company. Since then we've never seen a movie of his that we didn't enjoy. We don't know if the two things are related but you'll see what we mean about his movies in our Tribute to Morgan Freeman.

A Tribute to Braveheart

William Wallace led an army of Scots to freedom. Mel Gibson led an army of moviemakers to five Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. We'll lead you to Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Braveheart.

A Tribute to Unforgiven

Clint Eastwood's unforgiving look at violence in the old West and in Westerns themselves is profiled in our Tribute of Unforgiven.

A Tribute to The Searchers

John Wayne is the searcher and Natalie Wood is the searchee in this movie that is often called the best Western ever made. We couldn't agree more. Enjoy our Tribute to The Searchers.

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Robert Gould Shaw ( Matthew Broderick ):

"There's more to fighting than rest, Sir. There's character. There's strength of heart."

Director Ed Zwick created a popular TV drama in the eighties, what was it?