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A Tribute to Morgan Freeman

One of our favorite actor fairy tales is about Morgan Freeman and it goes like this: once upon a time there was a talented actor. He performed on and off Broadway, he toiled on a children's educational show for five years, he worked on a soap opera and then one day he gave a film performance that made everyone take notice. He received an Oscar nomination, his career took off and he's lived happily ever after ever since. Since that searing portrayal in Street Smart, he has given one powerful performance after another. We've put them all together for Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Morgan Freeman.

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And due out in the Fall of 2011, Morgan Freeman stars in Dolphin Tale a drama about a boy who befriends a injured dolphin.

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High Crimes

Hoke Colburn ( Driving Miss Daisy ):

"It only took me six days. Same time it took the Lord to make the world."

What part does Morgan Freeman play in the movie re-make, The War of the Worlds?