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Armageddon Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Armageddon? Well, let's see if you do.

1) The asteroid hurtling towards earth is the size of which state?

a) New York
b) Arizona
c) Texas

2) What are the names of the two space shuttles the team uses to get to the asteroid?

a) Apollo and Gemini
b) Freedom and Independence
c) Peace and Harmony

3) How much money did Rockhound owe the loan shark?

a) $100,000
b) $10,000
c) $1,000,000

4) What did Harry ask AJ to take back to earth?

a) Piece of the meteor
b) NASA Mission Badge
c) A Drill Bitt

5) What do they name the asteroid?

a) Dottie
b) Armageddon
c) Desperado

6) What was the name of the other asteroid disaster movie that came out the same year as Armageddon?

a) Year of the Comet
b) Deep Impact
c) Meteor

7) What does Bear request as payment for saving the world?

a) Sleep at the White House
b) Bring back 8 Track Tapes
c) Fed out who shot JFK

8) Who loses the straw poll and is supposed to stay on the asteroid and manually explode the nuclear device?

a) AJ
b) Harry
c) Colonel Sharp

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Col. William Sharp ( William Fichtner ):

"Talk about the wrong stuff."