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Armageddon Movie Quotes

Here are a few of our favorite movie quotes from Armageddon.

Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ):
"The United States government just asked us to save the world. Anybody want to say no?"

Ronald Quincy ( Jason Isaacs ):
"I know the President's Chief Scientific Advisor. We were at MIT together. And in a situation like this you really don't want to take the advice of a man who got a C minus in Astrophysics."

Dan Truman ( Billy Bob Thornton ):
"There'd be an overnight breakdown of basic social services, world-wide. Rioting. Mass religious hysteria. Total chaos. You can imagine. Basically the worst parts of the bible."

Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ):
"Yeah, one more thing. None of them wanna pay taxes again. Ever."

Dan Truman ( Billy Bob Thornton ):
"Okay gentlemen. You're our warriors up there. God be with you. You're already heroes. Just sit back and enjoy the ride."

Col. William Sharp ( William Fichtner ):
"Talk about the wrong stuff."

Dan Truman ( Billy Bob Thornton ):
"General, we've got 11,000 people at NASA trying to figure that out right now. When we know, you'll know."

AJ Frost ( Ben Affleck ):
"Have you ever heard of Evil Knieval?"
Lev Andropov ( Peter Stormare ):
"No. I never saw Star Wars."

Steve Buscemi ( Rockhound ):
"Guys, it's time to embrace the horror. Look, we've got front row tickets to the end of the earth."

Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ):
"Right now I need to hear five words from you. I'll never do that again."

Harry Stamper ( Bruce Willis ):
"Who do we have to thank for this?"
Chick Chapple ( Will Patton ):
"I'll give you two guesses but you're only going to need one.."

Steve Buscemi ( Rockhound ):
"Wow, this is a goddamn Greek tragedy."

Karl ( John Mahone ):
"I want to name her Dottie after my wife. She's a vicious life sucking bitch from which there is no escape."

AJ Frost ( Ben Affleck ):
"You know it's all funny til somebody gets shot in the leg."

AJ Frost ( Ben Affleck ):
"Well, we all got to die right. I'm the guy who gets to do it saving the world. So let's go. We got about 10 minutes, right?"

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