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Sigourney Weaver Movies List


Cedar Rapids

2010 You Again
Crazy on the Outside
2009 Avatar
Prayers for Bobby
2008 The Tale of Despereaux
Baby Mama
Vantage Point
Be Kind Rewind
2007 The Girl in the Park
2006 Happily N'ever After
The TV Set
Snow Cake
2004 The Village
Imaginary Heroes
2003 Holes
2002 The Guys
2001 Heartbreakers

Company Man

1999 Galaxy Quest

A Map of the World

1997 Alien: Resurrection
(Visit our Tribute to Alien)
The Ice Storm
Snow White: A Tale of Terror
1995 Copycat
1994 Death and the Maiden
1993 Dave

1492: Conquest of Paradise

Alien 3
(Visit our Tribute to Alien)
1989 Ghostbusters II
(Visit our Tribute to Ghostbusters)
1988 Working Girl
Gorillas in the Mist
1986 Half Moon Street
(Visit our Tribute to Alien)
1984 Ghostbusters
(Visit our Tribute to Ghostbusters)
1983 Deal of the Century
1982 The Year of Living Dangerously
1981 Eyewitness
1979 Alien
(Visit our Tribute to Alien)


1977 Annie Hall

Sigourney Weaver Movie Favorites

We usually like to recommend debut performances but Sigourney Weaver is only in Annie Hall for about 6 second but still you might want to catch her.

It was a blockbuster, it was very funny and it had some great theme music Ghostbusters.

Go ahead you have to see Alien, Aliens and Alien 3 so you might as well go ahead and see Alien: Resurrection to complete the experience.

Sigourney Weaver is wonderful as Dian Fossey in Gorillas in the Mist.

You can enjoy a funny movie and marvel at the craziness of the eighties at the same time Working Girl.

It's one of those rewatchable movies. Clever, fun Dave.

Director Ang Lee explores suburbia The Ice Storm.

Never give up. Never Surrender. And never miss a chance to watch Galaxy Quest.

One you might have missed: The Year of Living Dangerously an almost perfect movie about an American expatriate ( Mel Gibson) living in Indonesia. Sigourney Weaver is young and very beautiful.

Sigourney Weaver Academy Awards®

Best Actress Nomination for Gorillas in the Mist --- 1989
Best Supporting Actress Nomination for Working Girl --- 1989
Best Actress Nomination for Aliens --- 1987

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Alien Resurrection

Gwen DeMarco ( Galaxy Quest ):

"Look, I have ONE job on this lousy ship. It's STUPID, but I'm gonna do it, OKAY?"

Sigourney Weaver worked on which soap opera for six years in the 1970's?