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Russell Crowe Biography

Birth Name:

Russell Ira Crowe

Date of Birth:

April 7, 1964

Birth Place:

Wellington, New Zealand


Dropped out of high school to work full-time to help his family.


Danielle Spencer (2003 - present)


Charles (son) - born in 2003
Tennyson (son) - born in 2006

Famous Romances:

Meg Ryan

Big Break:

After many Austrailian movies, Sharon Stone got him a role in her American Western, The Quick and the Dead

Starmaking Role:

L.A. Confidential

Biggest Hit:


Tabloid Moments:

General bad-boy image that manifests itself with fights with both fans and paparazzi
Love affair with Meg Ryan during the filming of Proof of Life that ended her marriage
Telephone throwing incident at the Mercer Hotel in New York city.

Good Works:

Makes many charitable contributions, often choosing to offer money to right small wrongs he reads about in the news, like rebuilding a library that was burned in an act of Anti-semitism.

Side Jobs:

Owns a team in the Australian Football League

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LA Confidential

Jim Braddock ( Cinderella Man ):

"I have to believe that when things are bad I can change them."

In which Leonardo DiCaprio movie did a pre-fame Russell have a supporting role?