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Russell Crowe Movies List

2010 The Next Three Days
Robin Hood
2009 State of Play
Body of Lies
2007 American Gangster
3:10 to Yuma
2006 A Good Year
2005 Cinderella Man
2003 Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World
2001 A Beautiful Mind
2000 Proof of Life
1999 The Insider
Mystery, Alaska
1997 Breaking Up
Heaven's Burning
L.A. Confidential
1995 Rough Magic
No Way Back
The Quick and the Dead
1994 The Sum of Us
Hammers Over the Anvil

The Silver Brumby

Love in Limbo

For the Moment


Romper Stomper


1991 Proof

The Crossing

Prisoners of the Sun

Russell Crowe Favorites

My name is Gladiator! Must-suggest. Must-have. Must-watch over and over.

Two westerns made a decade apart. One a serious and classy re-make, 3:10 to Yuma and one a camp classic, The Quick and the Dead.

An acting tour de force in a movie where the story doesn't quite live up to the skills of the talented cast but the Academy gave it a Best Picture Oscar - we'll let you be the judge of A Beautiful Mind.

A fun sports movie that is lighter than most Russell Crowe fare ... Mystery, Alaska.

The one where everybody seemed to take notice of Russell Crowe's acting prowess ... L.A. Confidential.

Russell Crowe Academy Awards®

Best Actor Oscar Nomination --- A Beautiful Mind --- 2002

Best Actor Oscar Win --- Gladiator --- 2000
Russell Crowe Academy Award Acceptance Speech

Best Actor Oscar Nomination --- The Insider --- 1999

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American Gangster

Jeffrey Wigand ( The Insider ):

"I have to put my family's welfare on the line here, my friend! And what are you puttin' up? You're puttin' up words!"

In which Leonardo DiCaprio movie did a pre-fame Russell have a supporting role?