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Mel Gibson Fast Facts

Birth Name:

Mel Columcille Gerard Gibson

Date of Birth:

January 3, 1956

Birth Place:

Peekskill, NY but moved to Australia in 1968


Studied acting at the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney


Robyn Moore (1980 - 2009)


Hannah (daughter) - born in 1980
Edward and Christian (twin sons) - born in 1982
Willie (son) - born in 1985
Louis (son) - born in 1988
Milo (son) - born in 1990
Tommy (son) - born in 1999
Lucia (daughter) - born in 2009

Big Break:

Mad Max

Starmaking Role:

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior which was a big hit in the U.S. when it was released

Biggest Hit:

The Passion of the Christ

Career Low:

The Million Dollar Hotel

Comeback Vehicle:

After his Malibu DUI rant, it has yet to be seen if he can resurrect his "A" List acting career

Tabloid Moments:

2006 Malibu DUI arrest and subsequent anti-semitic rant
Alleged friendship with a trouble Britney Spears.

Side Jobs:

Movie Producer

Quintssential Quality:

Reckless charm

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Lt. Colonel Hal Moore ( We Were Soldiers ):

"I can't promise you that I will bring you all home alive. But this I swear, before you and before Almighty God, that when we go into battle, I will be the first to set foot on the field, and I will be the last to step off, and I will leave no one behind. Dead or alive, we will all come home together. So help me, God."

Braveheart was not Mel Gibson's first directorial effort. What was?