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Mel Gibson Fun Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" Mel Gibson information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

that Mel Gibson was born in America and lived here for most of his childhood. Mel's father had won some money as a contestant on the TV Quiz show Jeopardy and used it to move his thirteen member family to Australia. He wanted a better environment for his children and he wanted to protect his older sons from being drafted and sent to Vietnam. The American-born Mel Gibson developed his famous Aussie accent to fit in with this new down-under image.

that despite his recent personal problems and tabloid notoriety , Mel Gibson is a traditional man who has been married to the same woman for nearly thirty years and has seven children. When not making movies, he and his family live on a ranch in Australia. Oops. We would like to change this to say Mel Gibson is getting divorced from his wife of almost thirty years but there is no other woman involved. Oops. Change that to say Mel Gibson is getting divorced from his wife of almost thirty years and he is involved with a Russian singer. Oops. Just another little change. Mel Gibson is getting divorced from his wife of nearly thirty years and the Russian singer he is involved with is pregnant with his Eighth child. If you have an interest in the financial aspect of this story CBS is here to tell you there was no prenup and there may be $900 million dollars to divide.

that Mel Gibson achieved worldwide superstar status with the American debut of the second and most popular Road Warrior movie, Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior.

that Mel Gibson has some pre-fame personal connections with some fellow Australians - he went to drama school with Judy Davis and roomed with Geoffrey Rush in college.

that Mel Gibson won an Oscar for directing Braveheart but that isn't the only movie he has directed. He also directed The Man Without a Face, The Passion of the Christ and Apocalypto.

... that Mel Gibson's Oscar for Braveheart establishes him as one of only six actors to have won a Best Director Academy Award. The other five actors are Warren Beatty, Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford, Keven Costner and Sir. Richard Attenborough.

... that People Magazine named Mel Gibson the Sexiest Man Alive in 1985.

... that Mel Gibson can sing too! He provided the voice of John Smith in Disney's animated feature Pocahontas. Here's a special treat for any fan, Mel Gibson singing "If I Never Knew You":

On Location

Grauman's/Mann's Chinese Theater Footprints
Mel Gibson is just one of the many legendary celebrities to leave hand and footprints outside the famous Grauman's (now Mann's) Chinese Theater.

Mann's Chinese Theater
6925 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA

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The Year of Living Dangerously

Jerry Fletcher ( Conspiracy Theory ):

"A good conspiracy is unprovable. I mean, if you can prove it, it means they screwed up somewhere along the line."

What was Mel Gibson's motion picture debut?