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Leonardo DiCaprio Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Leonardo DiCaprio? Well, let's see if you do.

1) Leonardo DiCaprio is an activist. He has a foundation dedicated to what cause?

a) Animal Rescue
b) Environmental Issues
c) AIDS in Africa

2) On which TV Sitcom did Leonardo DiCaprio have a recurring role?

a) Growing Pains
b) Full House
c) Saved by the Bell

3) Leonardo DiCaprio made a brief appearance in which Drew Barrymore film?

a) Never Been Kissed
b) Boys on the Side
c) Poison Ivy

4) Leonardo DiCaprio made his motion picture debut in which movie?

a) The Quick and the Dead
b) Critters 3
c) What's Eating Gilbert Grape

5) Leonardo DiCaprio had a co-starring role in a modern Western, what was it called?

a) Silverado
b) The Quick and the Dead
c) Bad Girls

6) Leonardo DiCaprio got his name because ...?

a) His mother was looking at a DaVinci painting while pregnant
b) He is a descendant of Leonardo DaVinci
c) He is named after his father

7) How old was Leonardo DiCaprio when Titanic was released?

a) 22
b) 23
c) 24

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