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Leonardo DiCaprio Biography

Birth Name:

Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio

Date of Birth:

November 11, 1974

Birth Place:

Hollywood, CA


Dropped out of high school to pursue acting career.


Never been married.


No children

Famous Romances:

Has been involved with many MANY supermodels.

Big Break:

This Boy's Life

Starmaking Role:

Jack Dawson in Titanic

Biggest Hit:

Titanic - the highest grossing movie of all time.

Career Low:

The Beach

Side Jobs:

Environmental Activist

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Blood Diamond

Billy Costigan ( The Departed ):

"Frank, how many of these guys have been with you long enough to be disgruntled, huh? Think about it. You don't pay much, you know. It's almost a fuckin' feudal enterprise. The question is, and this is the only question, who thinks that they can do what you do better than you?"

Leonardo made a brief appearance in which Drew Barrymore film?