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A Tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio

Starring in the biggest money making movie of all time made Leonardo DiCaprio an international phenomenon but before that he had already been recognized as a talented young actor, earning a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award nomination at the age of nineteen. He's gone on to become Martin Scorsese's go-to-guy and also the greenest man in Hollywood. He has his own foundation and divides his time between acting and working on environmental issues. Quite a different path from the teen heart throb route he could have taken. We salute him for this in Destination Hollywood's Tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio.

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Leonardo DiCaprio stars as J. Edgar Hoover in Clint Eastwood's next movie J. Edgar a biopic expected to be released in 2012.

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"I'm King of the World!"

Leonardo DiCaprio has never won an Academy Award, but he was nominated once. What was the movie?