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Leonardo DiCaprio Movies List

2010 Inception
Shutter Island
2008 Revolutionary Road
Body of Lies
2007 The 11th Hour
2006 Blood Diamond
The Departed
2004 The Aviator
2002 Catch Me If You Can
Gangs of New York

Don's Plum

2000 The Beach
1998 Celebrity
The Man in the Iron Mask
1997 Titanic
(Visit our Tribute to Titanic)
1996 Marvin's Room
William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet
1995 Total Eclipse
The Basketball Diaries
The Quick and the Dead

The Foot Shooting Party

1993 What's Eating Gilbert Grape
This Boy's Life
1992 Poison Ivy
1991 Critters 3

Leonardo DiCaprio Favorites

Begin with This Boy's Life and What's Eating Gilbert Grape and see how Leonardo DiCaprio began his career jumping right in the deep end of the pool acting with Robert DiNiro and Johnny Depp.

If you're a western fan The Quick and the Dead has a great cast and is beautifully shot.

Everyone agreed that Leonardo DiCaprio gave a great performance as a drug addict in The Basketball Diaries.

Whether you are a Shakespearean scholar or someone who doesn't know a Montague from a Capulet don't miss William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet. It 's Shakespeare done music video stye and it's great.

One you might have missed: Marvin's Room. Another great cast. Leonardo DiCaprio always seems to surround himself with great actors and directors.

Okay this is one nobody missed. Titanic

The Man in the Iron Mask This is a classic story and you get Leonardo DiCaprio playing two roles. That makes it twice as good.

Don't miss Catch Me If You Can. It is taken from the true story which had the title The Amazing True Story of the Youngest and Most Daring Con Man in the History of Fun and Profit. It is an amazing story and an entertaining movie.

Finish up your Leonardo DiCaprio film festival with his Oscar nominated roles in The Aviator and Blood Diamond.

Leonardo DiCaprio Academy Awards®

Best Actor Nomination for Blood Diamond --- 2007
Best Actor Nomination for The Aviator --- 2005
Best Supporting Actor Nomination for What's Eating Gilbert Grape --- 1994

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Romeo + Juliet

The Kid ( The Quick and the Dead ):

"Smith and Wesson Schofield .45. Just meat and potatoes. Me and Jesse James think it's the best handgun in the world. Had the trigger guard removed, it saves drawin' time. Don't ever wear it while you're drunk or you'll kill your feet."

Leonardo made a brief appearance in which Drew Barrymore film?