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A Tribute to Kevin Kline

Kevin Kline is one of Hollywood's few authentic Renaissance men. He can do Drama. He can do Comedy. He can do Musicals. He can do Romance. He can do Shakespeare. He can do Film. He can do Theater. More actor than personality, he disappears into his roles as all the truly talented ones do. He can make you laugh as much as any of the so-called comedy greats (we believe that A Fish Called Wanda and Dave are required viewing for anyone with even a partially developed sense of humor.) So join with us in appreciation of this extraordinary talent in our Tribute to Kevin Kline.

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The latest Kevin Kline movie is now available on DVD.

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In April 2011, Kevin Kline will be seen in Robert Redford's The Conspirator the story of the trial for the planners of Abraham Lincoln's assassination.

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Tribute to A Fish Called Wanda

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The Big Chill

Otto ( A Fish Called Wanda ):

"Don't call me stupid."

A classically trained actor who learned his craft at the famed Julliard School, Kevin Kline has appeared in many theater productions of Shakespeare's work. What is the only motion picture adaptation in which he has appeared?