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Kevin Kline Biography

Birth Name:

Kevin Delaney Kline

Date of Birth:

October 24, 1947

Birth Place:

St. Louis, Missouri


University of Indiana, 1970
Juilliard School


Phoebe Cates (1989 - present)


Greta (daughter) - born in 1994
Owen (son) - born in 1991

Famous Romances:

His relationship with future wife Phoebe Cates who is 16 year younger than Kevin Kline.

Big Break:

After considerable success on Broadway, he broke into movies opposite Meryl Streep in Sophie's Choice.

Starmaking Role:

The Big Chill

Biggest Hit:

A Fish Called Wanda

Career Low:

Wild Wild West

Good Works:

Works with the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation

Quintssential Quality:

The Thespian

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Cole Porter ( De-Lovely ):

"Two people who wanted too much from each other."

Kevin Kline allowed his real Oscar to be used as a prop in one of his films ... which film was it?