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A Tribute to A Fish Called Wanda

An equal opportunity offender, this 1988 black comedy mocked each and every one of its subjects with equal gusto. Animal lovers, the rich, the English, Americans, stutterers, lawyers, women, men, stupid people … no group is sacred. However the people who made this movie can be forgiven for their political incorrectness because they are funny. And more importantly they made a funny movie. So welcome to Destination Hollywood's Tribute to A Fish Called Wanda … we predict that you won't be DISAPPOINTED!

A Fish Called Wanda DVD Spotlight

A Fish Called Wanda Collector's Edition DVD

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A Tribute to Kevin Kline

He can do funny. He can do serious. He can do musical. He can do action. He can even do Shakespeare. He's a modern acting renaissance man and the subject of our Tribute to Kevin Kline.

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A Fish Called Wanda

Otto West ( Kevin Kline ):


What does Ken name his favorite fish?