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James Dean Movies List

1956 Giant
(Visit our Tribute to Giant)
1955 Rebel Without a Cause
1955 East of Eden

James Dean Movie Favorites

James Dean appeared on Broadway, on many television shows and as an extra in movies. His entire filmography as a leading actor consists of three movies and so, of course, you must see all three.

John Steinbeck's classic novel East of Eden was a modern day take of the biblical story of Cain and Abel. In his first starring role James Dean gave a powerful performance as a troubled son and brother.

Rebel Without a Cause. He's a juvenile delinquent. He's a misunderstood 1950's teenager. He's the brooding kid in the red jacket. This is the role that defined James Dean.

It was his final role. James Dean was Jett Rink the ranch hand who strikes it rich in Giant. A sprawling epic about two generations of Texans.

James Dean Academy Awards®

Best Actor Nomination for Giant --- 1957
Best Actor Nomination for East of Eden --- 1956

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Jim Stark ( Rebel Without a Cause ):

"Is that meaning me? Chicken? You shouldn't call me that."

How did James Dean die?