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George Clooney Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about George Clooney? Well, let's see if you do.

1) George Clooney is the cousin of which character actor?

a) Miguel Ferrer
b) Joe Pantoliano
c) Kevin Pollack

2) What professional baseball team did George Clooney try out for?

a) Los Angeles Dodgers
b) Chicago Cubs
c) Cincinnati Reds

3) Where does George Clooney own a home?

a) Hawaii
b) Italy
c) Bermuda

4) On which of these television shows did George Clooney not have a recurring role?

a) Roseanne
b) The Facts of Life
c) Full House

5) George Clooney dons a monkey suit for a cameo in Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes, what other movie did George Clooney have a small but memorable cameo performance?

a) The Phantom Menace
b) The Thin Red Line
c) JFK

6) George Clooney starred in which Quentin Tarrantino movie?

a) Pulp Fiction
b) Reservoir Dogs
c) From Dusk Till Dawn

7) George Clooney played Danny Ocean in the remake of Ocean's 11. Who's role was he reprising?

a) Peter Lawford
b) Frank Sinatra
c) Sammy Davis Jr.

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