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Drew Barrymore Features

This is the section for all our "FUN" Drew Barrymore information - please enjoy!

Did You Know?

... that Drew Barrymore has an official website.

... that Drew Barrymore wrote a book about her troubled early life called Little Girl Lost.

... that Drew made her film debut at the tender age of four as William Hurt's on-screen daughter in Altered States.

... that Drew Barrymore nearly married then-fiancée but now ex-husband Tom Green on an November 2000 episode of Saturday Night Live but she chickened out minutes before the ceremony. Many watching believed the whole thing to another of Tom Green's carefully choreographed stunts but this was only partially true. Drew Barrymore initially agreed to the on-air wedding but reconsidered during the hour that elapsed between the opening monologue and the scheduled ceremony. The two have since married in a more traditional manner.

... that Drew is the youngest member of the legendary Barrymore acting clan. Other members include John Barrymore Jr., John Barrymore Sr., Lionel Barrymore and Ethel Barrymore. Here is a handy family tree.

... that it's David Letterman's birthday. Drew Barrymore dances on his desk. The rest of the story, you'll have to see for yourself:

... that Drew Barrymore owns a production company called Flower Films with partner Nancy Juvonen who is married to Jimmy Fallon.

... that Drew Barrymore is a model for Gucci jewelry and Covergirl cosmetics.

... that Drew Barrymore is an United Nations Ambassador for the World Food Program. She donated $1 million after a trip to Africa.

Drew Barrymore directed a documentary about the importance of voting.

... that Drew Barrymore inspired a young film maker to create a movie called My Date with Drew.

... We found this gem on youtube. A late night talk show appearance by Drew Barrymore long before the dancing on desks days but even then she shows her independent streak.

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Drew Barrymore's partner in her production company is married to one of her co-stars. Who is nancy Juvonen married to?