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Drew Barrymore Movies List

2010 Going the Distance
2009 Everybody's Fine
Whip It
Grey Gardens
He's Just Not That Into You
2008 Beverly Hills Chihuahua
2007 Lucky You
Music and Lyrics
2006 Curious George
2005 Fever Pitch
2004 50 First Dates
2003 Duplex
Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle
2002 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
2001 Riding in Cars with Boys
Freddy Got Fingered
Donnie Darko
2000 Charlie's Angels
Titan A.E.
Skipped Parts
1999 Never Been Kissed
1998 Best Men
The Wedding Singer
Ever After
Home Fries
1997 Wishful Thinking

Everyone Says I Love You

1995 Boys on the Side
Mad Love
Batman Forever
(Visit our Tribute to Batman)
1994 Bad Girls
Inside the Goldmine

No Place to Hide

Wayne's World 2

The Amy Fisher Story

1992 Poison Ivy
1991 Motorama

Waxwork II: Lost in Time

1989 Far From Home

See You in the Morning


A Conspiracy of Love


Babes in Toyland

Strange Tales: Ray Bradbury Theatre

1985 Cat's Eye

Irreconcilable Differences


1982 E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
(Visit our Tribute to E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial)
1980 Altered States

Drew Barrymore Movie Favorites

Seven year old Drew Barrymore becomes part of movie history when she plays little Gertie in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

Scream - The movie that single handedly brought back the teen slasher genre.

The Romantic Comedy that showed us how loveable Drew Barrymore could be - The Wedding Singer.

If you love the fairy tale of Cinderella you must see this version of the story - Ever After. Drew Barrymore plays the "real" Cinderella.

Everybody's thought about going back to high school for a "do over". Drew Barrymore does it in Never Been Kissed.

Are we going to recommend Charlie's Angels? Oh why not. Give your brain a vacation.

The creator of The Dating Game was a hit man for the CIA? ? George Clooney directs. Drew Barrymore plays a sweet girl. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

Fever Pitch - Talk about timing. Drew Barrymore makes a movie about the Boston Red Sox the very year they win the World Series.

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Never Been Kissed

Sally ( Home Fries ):

"You can't be the father and the brother! That's the kind of thing that messes kids up!"

What infamous real-life bad girl did Drew Barrymore portray in a 1993 made-for-television movie?