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Denzel Washington Trivia Test

So you think you know everything there is to know about Denzel Washington? Well, let's see if you do.

1) On with 1980's television drama was Denzel Washington a regular?

a) E.R.
b) St. Elsewhere
c) Chicago Hope

2) One of Denzel Washington's early movies was the comedy Carbon Copy but he's only made three comedies in his long career. The second was The Preacher's Wife, what was the third?

a) Heart Condition
b) The Mighty Quinn
c) Mo' Better Blues

3) Denzel Washington's character was paralyzed in which movie?

a) Virtuousity
b) The Bone Collector
c) Ricochet

4) Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for which movie?

a) The Hurricane
b) Malcolm X
c) Training Day

5) American Gangster wasn't the only movie Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe appeared in together - what was the first?

a) Virtuosity
b) Fallen
c) Devil in a Blue Dress

6) What was Denzel Washington's first feature film?

a) A Soldier's Story
b) Carbon Copy
c) Cry Freedom

7) Denzel was in a movie version of which William Shakespeare play?

a) Hamlet
b) Much Ado About Nothing
c) Othello

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