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Denzel Washington Movies List

Here is a complete list of all of the movies that Denzel Washington has starred in:

2010 Unstoppable
The Book of Eli
2009 The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3
2007 The Great Debaters
American Gangster
2006 Deja Vu
Inside Man
2004 The Manchurian Candidate
Man on Fire
2003 Out of Time
2002 Antwone Fisher
John Q
2001 Training Day
2000 Remember the Titans
1999 The Bone Collector
The Hurricane
1998 Fallen
He Got Game
The Siege
1996 Courage Under Fire
The Preacher's Wife
1995 Crimson Tide
1994 Devil in a Blue Dress
1993 Much Ado About Nothing
The Pelican Brief
1992 Malcolm X
1991 Mississippi Masala
1990 Mo' Better Blues
Heart Condition
1989 The Mighty Quinn
(Visit our Tribute to Glory)
For Queen and Country
1987 Cry Freedom
1986 Power
1984 A Soldier's Story
1981 Carbon Copy

Denzel Washington Favorites

Here are our top ten favorite Denzel Washington movies ... and because we can't pick an ultimate favorite we've listed them here in reverse chronological order.

American Gangster is another bio-pic, one of Denzel Washington's specialties. This time he plays an infamous 70's drug lord. Interesting story and great acting (from co-star Russell Crowe as well).

Inside Man - an exciting thriller with more than it's share of twists and turns. Story more than character driven, nonetheless Denzel Washington shines as the detective charged with getting to the bottom of a mysterious bank robbery.

Denzel Washington plays a very very bad man in Training Day. This is the one that finally got him that Best Actor Oscar. Not to be missed.

We're suckers for inspiring sports themed movies and Remember the Titans doesn't disappoint.

Hate put me in here but love's gonna get me out says Rubin "The Hurricane" Carter. We defy you not to be inspired by Denzel Washington's portrayal of this remarkable man.

Crimson Tide - Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman go toe to toe and nose to nose in this top notch military thriller set in a high-tech submarine.

The Pelican Brief is a good motion picture adaptation of a John Grisham book. Denzel Washington and Julia Roberts shine in this fun legal thriller.

Philadelphia - heartbreaking. Tom Hanks has the showy role but Denzel Washington is outstanding as the lawyer charged with finding some justice in a terrible injustice.

This is one that gets better every time you watch it. Denzel Washington brings historical figure Malcolm X to life in this excellent Spike Lee film.

Glory - Denzel Washington's portrayal of Trip, a member of the 54th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry who fought heroically and honorably as the only all-black regiment of the Civil War is the one that really got him noticed.

Denzel Washington Academy Awards®

Best Actor Oscar Win --- Training Day --- 2001
Denzel Washington Academy Award Acceptance Speech

Best Actor Oscar Nomination --- The Hurricane --- 1999
Best Actor Oscar Nomination --- Malcolm X --- 1992
Best Supporting Actor Win --- Glory --- 1989
Best Supporting Actor Nomination --- Cry Freedom --- 1987

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For Queen and Country

Nathaniel Serling ( Courage Under Fire ):

"Son, I work for the Pentagon, so I admit I'm a little slow on the uptake, but did you just threaten me?"

Denzel Washington has only made three comedies in his career, can you name all three?