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A Tribute to Denzel Washington

Those of us who have been watching Denzel Washington since the St. Elsewhere days can attest to this fact: he is a remarkable actor. His performances are powerful, intense, intelligent and extremely compelling. So he didn't bring home the Best Actor Oscar for his wonderful portrayals of Malcolm X and Hurricane Carter he got one instead for creating rogue cop Alonzo Harris in Training Day. And the honors, as well as the great acting, will keep coming. We're going to honor him here with our glowing Destination Hollywood Tribute to Denzel Washington.

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The latest Denzel Washington movies now available on DVD.

Coming Soon

Next up Denzel Washington co-stars with Ryan Reynolds in the thriller Safe House. Expect this on in 2012.

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Tribute to Glory

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Inside Man

Rubin "Hurricane" Carter ( The Hurricane ):

"Hate put me in prison. Love's gonna bust me out."

What was the first movie that Denzel Washington starred in?