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Annette Bening Movies List

2010 The Kids Are All Right
Mother and Child
2008 The Women
2006 Running With Scissors
2005 Mrs. Harris
2004 Being Julia
2003 Open Range
2000 What Planet Are You From?
1999 American Beauty
(Visit our Tribute to American Beauty)
1999 In Dreams
1999 The Siege
1996 Mars Attacks
1995 The American President
1995 Richard III
1994 Love Affair
1991 Bugsy
1991 Regarding Henry
1991 Guilty by Suspicion
1990 The Grifters
1990 Postcards from the Edge
1989 Valmont
(Visit our Tribute to Dangerous Liaisons)
1988 The Great Outdoors

Annette Bening Movie Favorites

Maybe you've already seen Dangerous Liasions or Cruel Intentions now try Valmont and you may find you like it more.

Look for Annette Bening in a small early role in Postcards from the Edge.

Yes it's a dark tale and you'll have to pay attention but it takes you inside another world. The world of The Grifters.

A gangster classic and watch for the chemistry between Annette Bening and Warren Beatty in Bugsy.

Love Affair - it's a remake of An Affair to Remember and Katharine Hepburn makes an appearance!

A modern love story you can watch over and over - The American President.

Okay, when you're with a group of people and everyone says how much they hated Mars Attacks don't you want to have an opinion too.

The tagline for this movie was ... look closer. We think you'll want to look closer at American Beauty.

Open Range is a western you might have missed.

Who says they don't make em like they used to. Love All About Eve? Try Being Julia and just wait for the scene when Annette Bening extracts her revenge against the ingenue.

Annette Bening Academy Awards®

Best Actress Nomination for The Kids Are All Right --- 2010
Best Actress Nomination for Being Julia --- 2005
Best Actress Nomination for American Beauty --- 2000
Best Supporting Actress Nomination for The Grifters --- 1991

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Evelyn Ames ( Postcards From the Edge ):

"Sure, you mean asking me who I have sex with isn't personal anymore? What are you going to ask me, if I smoke?"

Annette Bening lost in the Best Actress category of the Academy Award twice to the same person. Who was it?